Our Impact

We're about so much more than just vegan home & body products with clean ingredients and plastic-free packaging. We believe in using our platform and our privilege as a force for good.
Two women picking up trash in a park.

In partnership with nonprofit organizations like Ocean Blue Project and Pledgling Foundation, we've removed over 2,000 lbs of trash from American waterways, provided clean drinking water for one year to over 100 people, and donated 80 meals to homeless shelters.

6 women in a warehouse with masks on holding an award.

We've provided internships and job opportunities for people with disabilities in partnership with Black Hills Works.

Our work doesn't stop there.

We do everything ourselves

No secret overseas outsourcing here - we do it all in-house, from customer service, to research & development, to making every single item with our own hands.

We divert waste from landfills

From using upcycled food in our soaps to using recycled materials for our packaging, we're always looking for ways to not only minimze the trash we make ourselves, but to reuse waste from other businesses. Our next goal is to filter and repurpose used vegetable cooking oil for our soaps!

We're creating an inclusive workspace

Passionate about empowering our most vulnerable community members, we're committed to creating more job opportunities that are customized to the strengths, challenges, and support needs of every team member.

We don't support unethical corporations

We refuse to participate in mass consumerism: we don't sell our products on Amazon, and we have never and will never pay for ads from Facebook or Google.

We respect your privacy

We use only necessary cookies, we don't track your activity across other websites, and we never sell your data.