A picture of a woman in a military uniform.


A year of historic significance for the world was also a year of awakening for me. Having joined the military to escape a troubled childhood, I entered young adulthood unsure of who I was or how to find my purpose. During my service, I came to realize that while I wholeheartedly believe in fighting for what's right, the military isn't the way to do so. As I decided to leave the Navy as a conscientious objector, my newfound passions for both soapmaking and sustainability became the purpose I'd been seeking.

A room with soap bars on a shelf, a bed, a desk and boxes of packaged product.


After launching one of the first zero waste shops on Etsy, business grew quickly. Within 6 months, I was packaging my first wholesale order of 650 bars of soap in my apartment late at night while still on active-duty in the Navy.

Soap making supplies on a white fold-able table next to a white cargo van next to a creek.


Finally free to create my own path, I set off to fulfill a dream of roadtripping cross-country, bringing my business on the road with me. It was an incredible year of exploring national parks, visiting zero waste stores, and cooking soap down by the river. When I couldn't keep up with business alone in my van any longer, I established a small manufacturing shop in South Dakota.

A woman in a black dress teaching a sustainable lifestyle work shop at a wooden table with laundry powder on the table.


Along with a chart-topping podcast about sustainable living, I hosted a series of zero waste workshops across the country, then returned to South Dakota to open the first refill store in the state (Hippie Haven, for those of you who remember!)

A young woman holding an United States postal office tub of packages while wearing a black lives matter mask.


Along with so many other small businesses, the pandemic damaged our supply chain and forever changed the world we live in, but thanks to the support of our fantastic customers and a grant from Stacy's Rise Project, we managed to stay afloat and continue our community work.

A young woman in an all black outfit and a pink blazer standing in front of a white cargo van in a warehouse with her arms up.


We welcomed the new year with high hopes and open arms. While the move to our first warehouse was cause for celebration, the year didn't go the way we all hoped it would. But despite experiencing tragedy and turmoil in my personal life, Bestowed expanded its wholesale operations, getting our products into more than 100 stores across the country.

A young woman sitting on a mountain looking back at the camera.


Feeling burnt-out and realizing life was dragging me down a path I wasn't happy on, I took a step back to re-align with my values. I minimized every aspect of my life, including closing my store, as well as beginning an overhaul of Bestowed to bring it back to the basics. We're currently refining our product line, redesigning our branding, and paving a new path for 2023!

sustainably-sourced ingredients

ethically handmade in the US

plastic-free packaging

carbon-neutral shipping

community initiatives

we are forever committed to using our business as a force for good.