Zero Waste Initiatives

We are passionate supporters of the zero waste movement and constantly strive to reduce our carbon footprint and landfill contributions!

We throw away less than 5 lbs of landfill trash a month at our store, and we are always working to reduce that amount. 


Shipping Materials

We ship your orders 100% plastic-free! We reuse cardboard boxes from our supply shipments or from our neighbors, and for very small orders, we use shipping boxes + mailers from Ecoenclose (an eco-friendly small business in Colorado) that are made of 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard.

Shipping boxes are taped with compostable cellophane tape that has a natural rubber adhesive. Please remove this tape before recycling the cardboard boxes.

Orders are protected during shipment with shredded recycled paper.

Our shipping labels are printed on non-toxic label paper, and we recycle the label backing through Terracycle (an eco-friendly recycling company based in New Jersey). We do not include packing slips in retail orders, instead your order information is emailed to you.

We request that our suppliers ship our orders in plastic-free packaging, though we do inevitably end up with some bubble wrap or air pockets from time to time. In the case that we receive plastic packaging, we give them to a local small business to reuse in their own shipments.

Please reuse or properly dispose of your shipping material!


Product Packaging

We provide packaging details on each product page. When curating products to offer you, unpackaged is of course our first priority. If that's not possible or affordable, we do our best to find not just plastic-free packaging, but packaging that's made with recyclable or compostable materi.

Please try to refill or otherwise repurpose containers as much as possible. Remember to always rinse + dry containers before recycling them!

Do you have any other questions on how we operate as low waste as possible? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we value transparency and are happy to share how we’re always striving to do the best we can.